NextBillion Blog Post References Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Report on Digital Financial Services and the Humanitarian ICT Forum

NextBillion, a two-decade old community of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGO managers, policy makers, academics, and others exploring the connection between development and enterprise, has published a new blog post on Unlocking the Power of Digital Financial Services for Humanitarian Response.

In it, the authors argue that:

“Digitizing cash payments through digital financial services (DFS) can provide heightened security, increased accountability and transparency, faster distribution and a scalable transfer model… [but] despite the enthusiasm and promise, progress has been slow. Many solutions employed by humanitarian agencies today remain one-off, fragmented solutions. Few of these solutions are shared across agencies and fewer utilize shared, standards-based systems…”

The authors conclude their blog post by referencing the Humanitarian ICT Forum:

“This is why on March 21st, over 175 humanitarian and technology leaders will convene at Google Headquarters to discuss the most pressing needs and the role of technology in moving towards solutions, among them digital payments. The global humanitarian need is increasing and there is no time to lose.”

Read the full Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation report here. To learn more about this issue, sign up for Session 1(a) at the Humanitarian ICT Forum.