Greg Puley

Senior Advisor Coordination and Response Division at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Greg Puley is Senior Advisor in the Coordination and Response Division of UN OCHA, where he supervises a team that supports the delivery of more effective humanitarian action in the field. In 2016 Greg led an inter-agency team supporting the Secretary General’s Special Envoys on El Niño and Climate, Mrs. Mary Robinson and Ambassador Macharia Kamau, producing a global ‘Blueprint for Action’ to prevent El Niño episodes from becoming disasters.

Prior to this appointment Greg served as Chief of OCHA’s Policy Advice and Planning Section, leading policy development and providing advisory services on issues related to the protection of civilians, internal displacement, access for humanitarian operations and international humanitarian law. Prior to joining the United Nations, Greg worked for Oxfam in several different capacities, including as Head of the New York office, Global Policy Lead for conflict and humanitarian issues, and Country Director in the Russian Federation and Ethiopia. Greg has experience in humanitarian operations in Gaza, Uganda, the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Yemen, and Zimbabwe among others.

Greg also spent one year leading a joint project between civil society and the Government of Canada on the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ in Africa, and several years in Central America with the Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress, leading projects aimed at curbing the impact of small arms violence in the post-war context, and chairing the global steering group in support of an Arms Trade Treaty. He holds degrees from Queen’s University and the London School of Economics.