Alan Kuresevic

Alan Kuresevic

Vice President - Engineering at SES Techcom

Alan Kurešević received BSc degree in Computer Science, Telecommunication and Information Technology from University of Zagreb, Croatia. After a short university carrier, in 1994 Alan joined Astra (today SES) and today holds position of Vice President, Engineering at SES TechCom. He was leading a number of projects and technology development that provided foundation for company’s new service developments. Since 2011 Alan is, among other things, leading SES activities in development of the, disaster relief communication platform, from the initial concept to the actual implementation. Today, together with other partners, WFP and ETC, he is looking at improving and expanding scope and services to other humanitarian and development areas including communication with affected communities, e-health and e-learning.

Breakout 1(b) – ETC2020 Partnerships: Ensuring Crisis Connectivity for Affected Communities

CL2 - Crane Beach Tech Talk

The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster’s 2020 strategy envisions providing connectivity not just to humanitarians in emergency response, but also to affected populations. This requires a major scale-up of services to cater for possibly millions of people. What are the benefits of ensuring that affected people have access to phone and data networks in crisis? How can […]

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