Barbara Span

Barbara Span

Vice President, Global Public Affairs at Western Union

Alumna, Northwestern University; Harvard Business School Strategic Program on Microfinance. Vice President, Global Public Affairs, Western Union. Responsible for policy, regulatory and consumer issues/advocacy including migration, financial inclusion, immigrant integration, economic development, underbanked/underserved consumers. Key role in Western Union initiatives that focus on diaspora-driven development and job creation, financial literacy and small business entrepreneurship programmes. Member of the Board, Business Information Clearinghouse. Chairman of the Board, Jobs for America’s Graduates DC.

Breakout 1(c) – Digital Payments: Moving Together from Principles to Action

CL5 - Altoona Curve

Cash-based assistance is an increasingly significant part of emergency response, and can be quicker, more efficient, and more end-user friendly than traditional in-kind assistance. To get cash transfers to people affected by humanitarian emergencies more quickly and effectively, humanitarian actors need to work with and leverage the experiences of private sector partners, and in particular […]

Digital Payments