Brum Cerzosimo

Brum Cerzosimo

Senior Director Global Accounts at Ultisat Inc.

Mr. Cerzosimo is the Senior Director of Global Account for UltiSat’s Humanitarian and NGO Business Segment. He joined UltiSat over five years ago and is responsible for the overall management of key anchor accounts such as UNHCR, UNICEF, and others. Mr. Cerzosimo is a multilingual veteran in the SATCOM industry with several years of international experience working with various United Nations organizations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFAs), multinational enterprises, and diplomatic networks all over the world.  He is passionate about supporting the NGO community to successfully execute their critical missions around the globe. His wealth of experience working with NGOs enables him to be very effective working with this community.

Breakout 2(b) – After the Emergency: Sustaining Connectivity for Affected People

CL2 - Crane Beach Tech Talk

As humanitarian organizations and ICT partners increasingly focus on ensuring that affected people and communities have access to voice and data connectivity during a crisis, an important question is raised: what happens when the emergency ends and the humanitarian organizations go home? Do the benefits of delivering temporary broadband connectivity outweigh the costs of distorting […]

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