Christian Hyde

Christian Hyde

Director of Hyde and Associates

Christian Hyde is a Canadian-trained lawyer based in Paris, France. In over 20 years of practice, he has specialized in regulatory and commercial issues in telecommunications law worldwide. Mr Hyde heads the firm of Hyde & Associates, with offices in Tallinn (Estonia) and Paris (France). The firm is a pioneer in addressing practical regulatory issues, with unparalleled experience in field work in challenging jurisdictions. The firm today represents global users and suppliers of telecommunications, with a strong focus on the humanitarian sector and has represented global NGOs, international agencies and diplomatic missions for close to two decades. Mr. Hyde is a member of the bars of Ontario (common law) and Quebec (civil law). He is fluent in seven languages.

Breakout 1(b) – ETC2020 Partnerships: Ensuring Crisis Connectivity for Affected Communities

CL2 - Crane Beach Tech Talk

The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster’s 2020 strategy envisions providing connectivity not just to humanitarians in emergency response, but also to affected populations. This requires a major scale-up of services to cater for possibly millions of people. What are the benefits of ensuring that affected people have access to phone and data networks in crisis? How can […]

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