Dakota Gruener

Dakota Gruener

Executive Director of ID2020

Dakota Gruener is the Executive Director of ID2020, a public-private partnership working to ensure that everyone on the planet has access to a digital identity. As Executive Director, she leads overall strategy, builds critical partnerships with public and private-sector stakeholders, and continually focuses the organization on reaching the “last girl.”

Dakota comes to ID2020 from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, where she served as an aide-de-camp to the CEO. Gavi is an innovative global public-private partnership that acts as the central coordinating body for childhood vaccinations in the developing world, and which reaches nearly 60% of the world’s children with live-saving vaccines. Dakota graduated magna cum laude from Brown University in Providence, RI with dual degrees in Biology and Political Science, is a former management consultant with Oliver Wyman, and is a proud Californian.

Breakout 2(a) – Increasing Access to and Use of Digital Identification

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The ability to securely and consistently identify yourself is critical in the aftermath of a crisis, enabling affected people to access services and restore livelihoods. However, in many humanitarian emergencies, affected people lose access to critical identification documents – or never had official identification to begin with. Lack of identification can make it exponentially more […]

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