Ed Bice

Ed Bice

Founding Chief Executive Officer at Meedan

Ed is the founding CEO of Meedan and in this capacity has since 2005 devoted his professional energies to creating digital tools and programs that promote collaborative verification, annotation, and translation. He has led strategy and project definition for several software development efforts in social linguistic computing, cross-cultural education, and social media journalism. Ed has been a participating council member in the World Economic Forum, an Advisor to First Draft, and a co-Chair of the Aspen Institute USPP. Ed holds US Patent on Human+Machine approach to Natural Language Translation. projects @meedan @check @speakbridge @bridgeforcrisis

Breakout 2(c) – Climbing the Tower of Babel: Eliminating the Language Barrier in Crisis Response

CL5 - Altoona Curve

The aliens have arrived and no one knows what they want or how to work with them. Call in the linguist! While that may have been the premise of the Hollywood blockbuster Arrival last year, it is not far off from the situation that humanitarians and affected populations often face: a language barrier reduces communications […]

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