Jack Deasy

Jack Deasy

Vice President, Government Solutions at O3b Networks

Jack Deasy is Vice President, Government Sales for O3b Networks and is responsible for O3b’s U.S. and global government sales activities. Mr. Deasy previously led business development activities for public safety/disaster response and aeronautical and UAV programs at Inmarsat, and worked at the FCC as both an International Bureau Manager and Latin American Telecommunications Specialist. Prior to his work at the FCC, Mr. Deasy held several posts at the U.S. State Department, including Director, Inter-American Telecommunications Policy

Afternoon Keynote 2: Bringing Connectivity to Refugee and Displaced Persons Camps

Breakout 2(b) – After the Emergency: Sustaining Connectivity for Affected People

CL2 - Crane Beach Tech Talk

As humanitarian organizations and ICT partners increasingly focus on ensuring that affected people and communities have access to voice and data connectivity during a crisis, an important question is raised: what happens when the emergency ends and the humanitarian organizations go home? Do the benefits of delivering temporary broadband connectivity outweigh the costs of distorting […]

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