Linus Bengtsson

Linus Bengtsson

Co-founder and Executive Director of the Flowminder Foundation

Flowminder Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Stockholm, Geneva and Southampton. Flowminder’s mission is to improve public health and welfare in low- and middle-income countries. We work with governments, inter-governmental organizations and NGOs and collect, aggregate, integrate and analyze anonymous mobile operator data, satellite and household survey data. Our analyses enable them to map the distributions and characteristics of vulnerable populations in low- and middle-income countries as well as to monitor population displacement during natural disasters.

Dr. Bengtsson is Co-founder and Executive Director of the Flowminder Foundation. Dr. Bengtsson pioneered the use of mobile operator data to monitor population displacement during the tragic 2010 Haiti earthquake as well as for predicting the spread of cholera during the severe Haiti cholera outbreak the same year. Dr. Bengtsson has extensive experience from low- and middle-income settings both from clinical work and research studies. His academic work at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm centres on the development of public health applications of information technology in low- and middle-income countries. He has a PhD in Global Public Health from Karolinska Institute and an MD from Gothenburg University.

Breakout 3(b) – Collecting and Analysing Data to Improve Humanitarian Response

CL2 - Crane Beach Tech Talk

Humanitarian organizations are under increasing pressure to collect community feedback and other data points to continuously improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and relevance of humanitarian programmes. How can humanitarian organizations partner with ICT companies to collect and analyse data in a timely and efficient fashion?

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