Mark Hawkins

Mark Hawkins

Global Field Technology Manager at Save the Children

After 15 years at sea in the Royal Naval Submarine Service as a technician, and then in the merchant navy commanding small sailing vessels and survey ships, Mark entered the humanitarian sector in 1999 where he joined Merlin. He was responsible for running all of Merlin’s IT and communications until Merlin was taken over by Save the Children in 2013/4. He joined the SCI IT team in 2014 to fill a new role as a field technology specialist responsible for radio/satellite communications, Energy systems and emergency response. Mark is no stranger to working in the field. He was part of the emergency response team who set up the Ebola Treatment Centre at Kerry Town, Sierra Leone. Areas of interest: VSAT, Satellite Communications, Energy, HF & VHF Radio, Emergency response, IT, Cycling, Sailing, Food, Beer and wine!

Breakout 4(b) – Operationalizing the Humanitarian and Crisis Connectivity Charters

CL2 - Crane Beach Tech Talk

The satellite industry Crisis Connectivity Charter and mobile industry’s Humanitarian Connectivity Charter are sets of commitments from its private sector signatories to enhance connectivity in times of crisis, facilitating communications between and across all those responding to humanitarian emergencies, including affected communities. What does it take to consolidate the industry around specific and predictable deliverables […]

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