Molly Jackman

Molly Jackman

Public Policy Research Manager at Facebook

Molly Jackman is the Public Policy Research Manager at Facebook, where she is responsible for guiding the company’s research agenda from a policy perspective. Her work includes prioritizing projects that will improve user experience, contribute to general knowledge, and provide insights that can lead to positive change in the world. Previously, she served as an Assistant Professor in political science at Vanderbilt University, and was a Fellow at the Brookings Institution. She received her PhD in political science from Stanford University in 2013, where she specialized in quantitative methods and political institutions.

Breakout 1(a) – Improving Humanitarian Response through Intelligent Use of Social Media

CL3 - Maxwell Tech Talk

More than a quarter of the world’s population – an estimated 2.3 billion persons – are regular users of social media. Never before have so many people been able to access so much information, but the humanitarian sector has yet to fully understand the implications during humanitarian responses. To give one example, during the Ebola […]

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