Robert Munro

Robert Munro

Principal Product Manager for Machine Learning at Amazon Web Services

Humanitarian and Technology experience includes: working in post-conflict development in Liberia and Sierra Leone for UNHCR; researching health communications in Malawi; software development supporting endangered languages; running crowdsourced translation following disasters in Haiti, Pakistan and MENA; hosting aerial image analysis for FEMA following Hurricane Sandy; completing a Stanford PhD focused on AI for low resource languages; tracking epidemics globally; founding Silicon Valley companies focused on technology for all languages for F100s and UNICEF; running product for NLP and Machine Translation at AWS.

Breakout 2(c) – Climbing the Tower of Babel: Eliminating the Language Barrier in Crisis Response

CL5 - Altoona Curve

The aliens have arrived and no one knows what they want or how to work with them. Call in the linguist! While that may have been the premise of the Hollywood blockbuster Arrival last year, it is not far off from the situation that humanitarians and affected populations often face: a language barrier reduces communications […]

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